About Lextre

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Lextre is one of the most exciting and fastest growing international games development studios. Its first release, drag racing game Perfect Shift, launched at the end of 2014, and in just two months it has shot to the top of the charts amassing over 2 million downloads around the world.

Lextre specialises in producing visually stunning and engaging action and adventure games that both experienced gamers and non-gamers love to play. Lextre’s young and vibrant team put ‘fun’ at the forefront of everything that they do, as is reflected in all of Lextre’s games. The team have over 10 years of combined industry experience, and have grown up living and breathing mobile games.

The Lextre team are committed to delivering excellence. They saw the shift from consoles to mobiles and tablets, and in the process were frustrated to see that too many studios focused their efforts on producing hero games for hero devices, meaning that people who did not have the best handsets often suffered from a worse gaming experience. That’s why Lextre was founded with one mission in mind: to deliver the most superior gaming experience across any device.

Lextre’s team are as passionate about perusing action and adventure offline as they are in the games that they develop. Lextre strives to:

  • Put quality at the forefront of everything that they do. From the games that they develop, to the way that they conduct business with partners
  • Always be visionary. Lextre strives to always lead the mobile gaming industry by taking risks, experimenting and exploring. Above all, Lextre strives to be highly creative in everything that they do
  • Be real, both in terms of company’s values and in the games developed. All of Lextre’s games have extremely realistic graphics with a strong focus on character-driven stories. But Lextre as a company also prides itself on its honesty and transparency to remaining true to its core values
  • Deliver happiness and enjoyment to the people playing Lextre’s games. Lextre’s games are always fun
  • Grow and retain the best team – because Lextre’s team is at the forefront of everything that it does

Specialising in the development, graphic design, marketing and management of games, the Lextre team pride also themselves on their professional approach which ensures that their games are always of the highest quality for users to enjoy.

Lextre is a small studio with big ambitions. In just two years Lextre has grown rapidly and now boasts a team of over 35 people, with development, core publishing and marketing services partners' offices in London, Nicosia and Moscow.

About Perfect Shift

Lextre released Perfect Shift, its first game to market, in late 2014. Perfect Shift is a slick and authentic drag racing game with professional soundtrack and 3D graphics. Easy to pick up but hard to put down, the high speed racing game has multiple levels and an immersive storyline with plenty of twists. The team behind Perfect Shift are all petrol heads and love the thrill of the race. The cult hit has already seen over 2 million downloads, resulting in over 10 million miles of track raced, and over 150,000 customisations to its cars.

Perfect Shift is rated one of the top free games on the Windows Phone Apps + Games Store. As well as seeing millions of downloads in a short period since launch, the game has also received media acclaim and positive reviews in major outlets including:

  • Auto Express: “We found it hard to put down”
  • Web User: “Simple yet addictive”
  • Win Beta: “A visually stunning drag racing game developed by Lextre”
  • Examiner.com: “The high octane drag racing game is now going on with its launch on the Apple App Store and Google Play”
  • iDownload Blog: “It’s time to put the pedal to the metal with a new racing game featuring highly stylized realistic 3D graphics”
  • Windows Central: “Perfect Shift, a fantastic Windows Phone game to fill your need for speed”

While Perfect Shift is Lextre’s first game to market, the company has ambitious plans and will be releasing more games to market throughout 2015.